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Here's where you'll find a list of stuff I enjoy - blogs, books, products - that's related to triathlon. 


T Nation - This website is where I first got hooked on reading about all things related to fitness. In my opinion, this is the standard for internet-related training information. While you're not going to find much triathlon information here, such as how to improve your transition times, you will find some good info on how to be a physical animal.

Tony Gentilcore's Blog - Trainer, co-founder, program designer at Cressey Performance. His blog is legendary for it's humor, insight into the training industry, and information related to fat loss, strength training, program design, corrective exercise, and nutrition. Again, not much tri-specific info, but a lot of good knowledge about training.

Bret Contreras' Blog - Bret blew up at t-nation about a year ago when he debuted his articles on the glutes. He popularized many glute exercises that will be helpful for triathletes, such the barbell glute bridge. He's more than a one trick pony, however, and his blog is one of the most informative out there for information related strength and condition.

Everyman Tri - This is my go-to source for triathlon related news. It'll have news about races, triathletes, as well as gear reviews and training tips. The site also popularized the B-Fit B-Day challenge, where athletes do a self-supported tri on their birthdays where the distance is determined by your age.

Swimwatch International - My former swim coach, David Wright, contributes to this 'somewhat alternative look at the swimming world'. David's smart, experienced, and he's not afraid to point out stupidity in the swimming world.

Eric Cressey's Blog - Eric is one of the smartest, most experienced guys in the fitness industry. His blog has a lot of quality free material, and he also has some great pay products, such as Maximum Strength, Show and Go, and Assess and Correct, among others.