I've jumped right into week 3 without skipping a beat.

Monday, the rest day, has yet to have been a rest day. I did weights/stability work in the AM, and had a nice swim in the PM. I coverted Monday of this week into a training day, because I will be missing Thursday this week for an all day CPR class.

Tuesday: Run/walk in the AM. This went very well. It was the first Run/walk with the orthotics - felt AWESOME. No pain whatsoever. I am starting to get very excited about these. In the PM, I went for a bike. I was tired and stressed out from my day at work, and I was looking forward to this easy aerobic ride all day. Went out for an easy 1 hour 10 minute, 20 mile ride. Felt nice and steady and relaxing.

Wednesday: AM: So far today I did another easy run/walk in the AM. Felt great again with the orthotics, no pain again. The achilles hasn't hurt me in days, which is the first time I can say that since July. I am tempted to up the volume and intensity in the running, but only tempted. The memory of months of injury rehab has me ultra-conservative in this build-up. I have planned for a swim this afternoon with a main set of 10x200.

I am beginning to feel the fatigue of 3 weeks of steady training accumulate on me. I am happy about this, because the first 2 weeks felt pretty damn easy. Also, this is the end of my first 3 weeks of building, and I have a recovery week next week. I am just planning on comfortably making it through this week, then resting it up in week 4.

Be Happy; Be Frey!


Libby Maxim said... @ December 19, 2007 at 3:51 PM

good, glad to hear you are getting tired cuz ya look like Superman and i know Superman never gets tired!


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