It's been a while since I've updated the training, so let's get to it!

Big changes this week, as it's Christmas week, and I've traveled to PA to visit my family. There's no bike in PA... In replacement of the bike, I've done Elliptical Trainer sessions as the local gym. I was going to ride the spinning bikes, but I am too tall.

Saturday and Sunday: Did a long ride and a long run this weekend - 1 hour 30 minute run on Saturday and a 3 hour 30 minute ride on Sunday. I tagged a long swim and a recovery run in there, too. This was my biggest weekend to date. The achilles came through pain free, but there was a lot of localized knots in my calf and butt.

This week is a recovery week. I am focusing on reducing the training volume to at most 75% of last week, and I am getting a lot of soft-tissue work, naps, quality nutrition, etc.

Monday: Still hasn't been a rest day, but this was close. Did a nice, easy 2000 meter swim in the AM. Flew home in the afternoon.

Tuesday: Took my first day completely off for the whole training program so far. Christmas. 'Twas Merry!

Wednesday: Came back with a 2500 AM swim and an easy, fifty minute Elliptical session in the evening. Also, I incorporated some Core Performance Endurance work this Wednesday - but more on the details of this in a forthcoming post.

Thursday: Another easy swim, 2500 easy, this time in the PM with libs. It was inspiring to watch libs having fun in her water class! In the AM, I did another easy 50 minute elliptical session followed by some Core Performance Endurance work. Got an amazing massage on Thursday afternoon which cleared up many of the accumulated knots.

Friday: Killed a big AM session with a 1 hour elliptical followed by a 30 minute Core Performance Session. Did a nice, 2-mile run in the PM followed by 15 minutes of water running. Water running is looking to be a very valuable piece of the training puzzle.

Tip of the Week:

The key to successful training lies in doing just enough to stress your muscles, and let them rest in order to rebuild stronger. So rest becomes just as important as exercise. Alternating days of different sports becomes the best way for beginners to lowly work up to training everyday. And even after you get in terrific shape you don't want to work hard in all three sports everyday.

source: www.hulaman.com


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