We'd all be a lot better off if the media started showing some more positive images of female physiques. Women would be better off, because they would realize that looking like an anorexic drug addict is stupid. Men would be better off, because women would look more attractive. By more attractive, I mean a athletic, healthy physique. Here is a picture of fitness competitor Olesya Novik: Notice they tight, healthy physique. The happy smile shows that she enjoys eating something other than crack. Now, look at this picture of Nicole Ritchie:
I mention the female physique in my triathlon training blog, because multisport is a healthy lifestyle that promotes building healthy bodies. Through proper training, recovery, and nutrition, women can build bodies which perform at their optimal levels. A funny thing happens, too, when one focuses on building a high-performance body. All of a sudden, that high-performance body is a damn attractive body:I think it's clear that triathlete Jessi Stensland is a much more beautiful image than any common hollywood "beauty". And she could kill Nicole Ritchie with a single blow.


Jay said... @ October 12, 2008 at 12:31 PM

lol... Love the post... and its so true. Its always nice to smile about something other than crack.

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