I killed another brick last night. However, I faced a few challenges:

1) Monsoon force wind - I don't know what the wind speed was out there. I know that at some points of the bike ride, I was pedaling as hard as I could, with my heart rate spiking, and I was going 10 mphs.

2) Flat tire - Mile 20. Crap. I stopped, replaced the tube with one of my two spare tubes I was carrying, and pumped it up with one of the two spare cartitridges I was carrying.

3) Flat tire - Mile 20.01. Crap. Again, I replaced the tube and pumped it up. I had no tubes left and no cartridges left.

4) Flat tire - 0.5 miles from home. Crap. No tubes or cartiridges left. I decided to roll home on the half-filled tire. I made it, and the rim of the tire is perfectly true. This is a testiment to the durability and quality of the Tom Kellogg handbuilt wheel.

The run went fine. I actually felt pretty quick on the run. I ran 4.6 miles after the 1hr 45min ride. My last two miles were a 8:35 and 8:48 split, respectively.

Needless to say, I have ordered some new tires to replace the wornout ones that caused me trouble.


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