I have gotten away from telling about every single training session in a week, and I have instead just related the details of my key workouts. Because the volume has gotten so impressive, I am going to list the amount of work I put in on a daily basis.

Disclaimer: Do not try to imitate this level of training. You will end up sick, injured, and/or significantly burnt out. This is for novelty purposes only.

AM: Frey. Run 2.5 miles, swim 3500, run 2.5 miles.
PM: Off.

AM: Easy morning 3300m swim in 1hr 15min.
PM: 45 minutes of plyometrics followed by a 1 hr 15 min ride.

AM: 3000m swim with a mainset of 16x75 done as 4x(1 - all free; 2-back, fly, cack; 3-fly, back, fly; 4-all fly).
PM: Brick - 2 hour ride followed by 45 min run.

AM: 3300m swim in 1hr 15 min.
PM: 30 minutes of strength work, 25 minute recovery run, 30 minutes of foam rolling.

AM: 1 hour bike followed by 30 mins of foam rolling.
PM: Thunderstorm long run. 13+ miles in about 2 hours, including cooldown.

AM: 2700 swim in 1 hour.
PM: Off.

AM: Long ride. 104.2 miles in 6 hours.
PM: Off. This is the only session I missed. I was schedule for a 30 min easy run and 30min of foam rolling, but my ride didn't end until 3ish. So, I cut this.

Also, for your general interest, I kept track of what I ate on the 6 hour ride:
3 powerbars
8 servings cytomax drink mix
1 cup honey - that's 2 seperate 1/2 cup flasks
4 servings twizzlers
2 poptarts
2 bananas

Without a doubt, this is the highest level of fitness I have achieved in my life. Week 16 is a recovery week, and I don't even feel that tired. I am forcing myself to slow down this week, as weeks 17 and 18 look to be huge (spring break!). I want to go into them as rested as possible.

Also, I realize you may be inclined to look at this training week and declare me crazy. If that's what you think, I am not going to argue with you.


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