I specifically keep my bike training unstructured. Most triathlon training plans have fairly structured bike training sessions. In these training plans, a two hour ride may be scheduled as:

20 min easy spin
5x2 min intervals at 80% hr with 1 min rest
25 min zone 3
30 min zone 4 with one leg jumps every 5 min
30 min easy spin

I am not sure if that adds up to two hours or not, but you get the point. I make a point not to train this way. When I go out for a two hour ride, I do so because I am tired from work, because I am looking for some fun, I am looking to clear my mind, etc. Life has enough complications, the last thing I need is a complicated training program to clutter my free time.

The point is, my bike training DOES NOT involve very much structure. I aim for a certain number of hours/miles in a week, then I bike that amount. The end. No intervals, hills, drills - just fun.

At the end of the day, I believe this makes me a better cyclist, anyway. With a fun based training program, I put in a lot of miles, because I like fun. With a complicated program, trainees suffer through each session. Consequently, they put out sub-par performances and get less from their training.

If you disagree, I challenge you to a 40k time trial. I'll beat you, and I don't even have aerobars.


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