Holy cow.

I got smoked at Keith Fox's Colony Yoga today.

Here is the description from Keith's website:

Keith’s Vinyasa style incorporates the first three series of the Ashtanga system. The sequencing of these asanas is safely designed to build core strength, lengthen the musculature, and open the heart. The combination of postures provides a place for each student to empower themselves and achieve inner peace. In a typical 90 minute dynamic vinyasa class with Keith each student is challenged yet not discouraged, keeping it fun regardless of the student's level. The classes help eliminate stress for students as well as lighten their practice by strengthening the core and developing more of the subtle muscles rather than the larger gross muscles. The goal is to maintain a smooth and even heated breath.

The benefits include

  • Stress reduction & reduced anxiety
  • Access to deeper relaxation for the body and mind
  • Improved sleep patterns and increased energy
  • Toning of the body & loosening of the knots within
  • Better concentration & improved awareness
  • Improved peace of mind & greater happiness
  • Access to deeper states of awareness & self development
The Yoga class I attended this morning was a shock to the system! This is the first time I've done Yoga in my whole life. It was a 90-minute, sweat filled, strengthening, stretching, breathing, hot, inspiring, invigorating new training experience.

Already, I can see that attending these classes will improve my joint mobility, flexibility, core strength. Despite my impressive triathlon strength, I was clearly one of the weakest yoga students in the room. Little tiny women were holding poses I wouldn't believe had I not seen them in person. Even Keith, himself a pretty well-muscled dude, could bend and balance himself in ways I wouldn't think possible.

Without moving off the tiny yoga mat, I must have sweat out close to 20 gallons of perspiration. I feel bad for the women parked next to me...

I like to suck at an athletic endeavor; it's a refreshing challenge. I suck at yoga, so I am refreshed and challenged!

Quote of the Week:

Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.—Mark Twain


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