Sorry for the delay on updates. I am less than 3 weeks out from Florida 70.3, so I have officially started my taper. For me, a taper involves the following:

Week 1: Two key workouts... each a key brick ranging in duration from 2.5 - 4 hours, depending on how I feel. There should be no more than 50 mins of running on each brick. Swims should stay about the same frequency and intensity. All other workouts should focus on recovery.

Week 2: Same as week one. A hard, muscular endurance style swim 10 days out from the race. Two key bricks, this time raning in duration from 2-3 hours. All other rides are easy, recovery style.

Week 3: Race week!

Open water or pool swim, insert 6x90s hard efforts
Key Workout is 30 min easy run insert 5x90s hard efforts, open water swim on course, short easy spin in evening
Easy brick 60-90 min long, insert 4x90s hard efforts into bike, run no more than 15 min
Open water swim, easy bike 60-90 mins insert 3x90s hard efforts into bike
Day off or short very easy swim
One hour swim/bike/run session with a few 30s pick-ups into each sport
Race Day

Except for the key bricks, all workouts are optional. The focus is on rest and recovery. If I wake up for a morning workout feeling tired, I roll over and go back to sleep.

If a kid raises her hand in class and asks me to come help her, I say, "HELP YOURSELF! I'M TAPERING!" Just kidding!


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