I've ridden 4,895 miles so far in 2008. Holy Cow! I just updated my mileage today for the first time since early June. I thought I was probably hovering around 5k. Only 105 miles until that barrier, so I am looking forward to crossing the 5,000 mile mark.

In regards to the DVT, all Dr.'s have given me the full clearance to go riding. I've ridden about 150 miles since the diagnosis about 2 weeks ago. The only difficulty in regards to riding with the DVT is that I have an increased risk of bleeding with the anti-coagulation medications. So, crashing is out.

Needless to say, I will be hitting 5,000 soon. I set a goal of 7,500 for the year, and I have 5 months to get it.

There's three landmarks left on the cycling season:

1) 5,000 miles
2) 5,868.83 miles. This was my total for 2007, and this was my highest one-season total ever.
3) 7,500 miles. As previously stated, this was my '08 goal.

Stay tuned. In upcoming posts I will describe my current training. I have finished up the two week offseason. This offseason involved one week of complete rest and one week of light training. I will also be posting about an impressive ride I killed a few days ago.

Also, I am back in FL now. So, the summer's training camp - disrupted due to my medical problems - is over.

Here's a picture of me with my mom while on my training trip in PA:

Notice the pink bike shorts!


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