Deep Venous Thrombosis.

I am visiting my brother in Ann Arbor, MI. Arriving here by car late Sunday, July 13th, I had moderate swelling and infection in an ugly corn on the heel of my foot. I decided to get it taken care of ASAP, so I took myself to the University of Michigan Hospital. Taking care of the corn-infection was fairly simple. However, things got more complicated.

They discovered I had a large, severe clot in my left leg, running from mid-calf to upper-thigh. I was admitted to the hospital, put on blood thinners, and prescribed to bed rest.

I stayed overnight in the hospital, and I was released midday on Monday. Needless to say, the whole experience scared me.

I am currently on the anticoagulation medication Coumenin and Lovenox. I need to get twice weekly blood tests. The prognosis is good. The Dr.'s told me that the anti-coagulation medication should stop the growth of the clot, and, over a period of 6 months to a year, break down the clot. They told me that I am fine to resume all normal activities.

I think this is a condition I have had for some time, and it was just fortunate that the infected corn brought me to the hospital where Dr.'s could discover the clot.

Although cleared to resume normal activities, I am taking the diagnosis as a sign to end the season early. I had been on the fence about doing Steelhead 70.3 in August, but I have officially canceled plans to race this triathlon.

I am taking at least 2 weeks of no formal training. I'll bike around the block or swim in the ocean or hike or something, but no training whatsoever. Movement helps clear the clot, as increased circulation is beneficial to stagnant blood, so I won't be sitting on the couch imbibing hours of Jessica Biel movies.

It's a disappointing way to close out the season, but it doesn't change how rewarding this season has been. I met many fun and inspiration athletes, I have taken my training and fitness to levels I did not think possible, and I performed very well at Florida 70.3.

I will be on the blog with continued enthusiasm in the days and weeks to come! I know you were worried there, thinking, "What will pass the time without the freybird blog to read?" Trust that there will be even more posting now that I am not busy with two-a-days and a massive sleeping/eating regimen.

The off-season is often the most difficult part of the season for me, because I enjoy the structure, activity, lifestyle, outdoorsyness, challenge, etc., that comes along with the swimming, biking, and running. I get bored and antsy without it. I look at this off-season as a new challenge, one I will indubitably dominate as thoroughly as an challenge I have faced in my triathlon career so far.

But, for now, the season is done. Deep vein thrombosis brought it to an abrupt, unexpected end. While scary, I am thankful to have the opportunity to get this condition treated.


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