Lance just posted this picture through his twitter account:


The guy just to the left of Lance is Dave Lettieri, owner of Fastrack Bicycles in Santa Barbara, CA. Dave was Lance's mechanic in the 2000 Tour de France. When I lived with my brother in Santa Barbara for a summer, Fastrack was my local bike shop. Pretty cool! There's just one degree of seperation between me and Lance.

I imagine you're wondering, "Frey, why aren't you in Santa Barbara right now riding with Dave and Lance?" It's because my brother is an idiot. He decided to move from Santa Barbara, with year-round tropical weather, gorgeous UCSB women, great biking terrain, and general awesomeness, to Ann Arbor, MI, which has weather that rivals Dante's 9th circle of Hell. I still haven't forgiven him.

Tip of the Week:

Approach your long rides as you would a hike. Instead of going out there and trying to elevate your heart rate and put a training load on your biking legs, think about just taking your time, enjoying the scenery, and covering the distance. Keep that hike analogy in mind; don't race the long rides.


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