I emailed my old man Dad about last weekend's FAU Wellness triathlon. Specifically, I joked with him comparing my funness uniform with the high tech getups some other triathletes were sporting.

My old man Dad was a solid college basketball player, and he fathered two D-1 recruited bball players. He knows a thing or two about actual athletics, so he tends to make fun of phony athletes.

Based on the pictures, he skewered the phony triathletes, and I decided to reprint his comments here:

I wonder if they realize how phony they look. I think most of those kind of guys never made a team in high school (and especially college) and now they're gonna show the world just what great athletes they are! I guess there is comparable behavior not only in triathlons, but in all phases of adult life...I can think of some professors during my career who rubbed me the wrong way with similar jerky behavior. Oh well, maybe some day they'll grow up (or become more personally secure).



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