With Aerobic Training, Physical Training, and even Brain Training, the components of a well conditioned triathlete have been fairly well elucidated by many authors and coaches. Could the missing link of a well balanced endurance training program be spiritual training?

On Sunday, April 26, Aquacrest's swim team was in Tamiami at a swim meet, and my only other friend was waaay out of town. In search of something to do, I decided to combine several activities into one monster spiritual training session.

I had big plans to photodocument the entire session, but I forgot my camera in my pocket after I changed pants about an hour into the day.

I started off with an early wakeup call so that I could make sunrise service at St. Vincent's.
This is the only picture I managed to capture on the day. Notice the fresh head shave. Also, I am a little worried about how wrinkly my forehead looks here...

I don't know how often you get to a Floridian sunrise service, but there's not many 25 year old studs there. I stood out like a sore thumb (and the bald head only exacerbated my likeness to a thumb). Compared to the seniors, I was the tallest by 2 feet. After clearing out the eye crud and visiting with God, I came back home to get myself ready for Yoga.

I got to the Sunday Morning Live Music class at Keith Fox's Colony Yoga at the Colony Hotel in downtown Delray Beach, FL. It was a great class. With Keith's nonjudgmental, encouraging instruction, Richard Brockens' live music, and a herd of tight pants wearing, supermodel-looking young women, I had a good time.

Between church and yoga, my spirit was well-worked.

But, while church and yoga are two training modalities traditionally associated with spiritual wellbeing, for me, cycling is just as spiritually satisfying.

So finally, I got to the main course, a cool, 40 mile, 2 hour Powercrank easy ride. That's right: I am so dominant on the Powercranks these days that I can bang out a ride like this on an easy week. I wish I hadn't forgotten the camera for this one, because it was a clear, beautiful, blue day.

After a day like that, my spirit is more well-conditioned than ever!

Race Results

At the Nike Swim Miami 5k Open Water Swim, my friend Darcy LaFountain laid down a dominating 1:24. Although this sounds like I am joking (and, I am not) Darcy won her age group by over half an hour. Congratulations!

At St. Anthony's Triathlon in St. Petersburg, FL, my friend Gregg Blow blew the field away. (With a killer pun like that, Sports Center better watch out!) I can't really understand the results, and I haven't spoken to Gregg, but it appears that the amatuers didn't have a swim. Maybe the water was too rough? Regardless, Gregg was 2 seconds away from a top-ten elite amateur finish. Congratulations!


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