6'4" Usain Bolt ran a 9.58s 100m world record at the Track and Field World Championships in Berlin.

For all you cyclists out there who think your fast, doing your ride at that 18-20mph pace: Bolt ran 23mph in the sprint.

I think if I jumped out of a car at 10mph, my legs couldn't keep up. This guy is incredible!

Quote of the Week:

"First of all, is he or she making all of this too complicated? Like I said, I see stuff from coaches that makes me just shake my head. The trend among the wannabes seems to be to confuse complexity with knowledge. It's like they try to make all of this seem like quantum physics, so people go "Jesus, I can't figure all this out!" and hire them as a coach."

-An anonymous coach on training, nutrition, and steroid use in the sports of bodybuilding and figure competitions.


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