Looking for some music to get pumped up for your next run, ride, swim, or lift? Taylor Swift* just not doing it for ya? Check out some deathcore metal. This is some music that makes you want to beat up an old man. I'm talking about some Slayer, or Lamb of God, or The Red Chord. If listening to Somatically Incorrect by Whitechapel doesn't make you want to punch your mother, you got something wrong with you.

Check it out. If your times are slipping, and all your listening to is Justin Beiber* on your ipod, try some Deathcore instead. Making that simple switch almost guarentees a PR on your next run. Here's a link to a Pandora Radio station playing only Deathcore, if you need some ideas.

*I did not include a link to buy Taylor Swift or Justin Beiber music here because freybird.blogspot.com does not endorse either artist.


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