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Today is the first day of my blog. What a memorable opening, huh?

Well, I'll describe myself. I am a senior student at Swarthmore College who will soon be graduating with a education/psychology major, and I have also completed the pre-med courseload. I am 23. That's a picture of me that I took of myself. I'm in the ocean with a wave behind me.

My name, it's Frey. People usually call me "Jeff" or "Jeffy". I am going by Frey now, however. You pronounce it like "free". See, because my name is actually Jeffrey.

I am a student teacher in the third grade. I will teach middle school math/science at Gulf Stream School in Gulf Stream, FL starting in September, 2007.

My dad is named George and my mom is named libby. My brother is Mike; my dogs are Charles Barkley and Betty Maxim.

I am a new triathlete. I swim, bike, and run a lot.

One last thing, I just got into audiobooks. I've already read/listenedto Dale Carnegie's, How to Win Friends and Influence People. I am half way through Ayn Rand's, The Fountainhead. If you have not tried a read/listento, I highly recommend it. You'll never read again.