165 days out from Florida 70.3. Here's my training update:

Yesterday morning, I did an easy 1 hour 15 minute ride. All went well, no achilles pain. Kept it aerobic. I saw the art teacher and a first grade teacher from my school out running, too. Funny to see people out at 5:30am.

Yesterday afternoon, I swam a 3500 easy at Aqua crest.

Today AM: Did a run/walk thing on the treadmill at the gym. 10 minute eliptical followed by 10 minutes run/walk on the treadmill for 60 minutes total. Trying to get my legs used to running without overstressing the recovering achilles. The achilles was pain free during this training session and feels good now, about 4 hours later.

Today PM: Going to the gym to do my weight rehab, stabilty exercises.

My thought for the day:

I always consult people who are doing rather than people who are talking. For example, when I wanted to learn about lifting, I read everything Arnold Schwarzenneger had written. I didn't read some exercise/science academic who was writing about what lifters should be doing. I want to see someone producing results, not sitting back and telling others what they sould be doing.

To learn more about biking, I read up on how Lance trains. For swimming, I talk to Olympic coach David Wright, and I watch how 5 time defending masters national champion Darcy LaFountain trains. For teaching, I watch how my Mom, Dad, and best college professors do what they do.

Similarly, there's a groundskeeper at my school who works outside in the Florida heat all day long. He says to keep himself hydrated, he drinks nothing but straight, black coffee from sunup to sundown. He's been doing this without problem for over 30 years. Who am I to argue?

Also, there's a guy at my 24-hour gym who works the overnight, 10pm-6am shift. He sits at the checkin table and watches fox news for 8 straight hours everynight. He says the Rudy Gulliani is the guy to vote for in this election. Who am I to argue?

Need to stay hydrated on a hot day? Drink that black, hot coffee. Deciding who to vote for? Go for Rudy. Why? Because people who are doing more than you say so.


Libby Maxim said... @ December 5, 2007 at 8:29 PM

wow, agree, listen to those that do

all talk no action leads nowhere, thanks for the great inspiration,

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