My 24-weeks of training is broken into 6 seperate four week blocks. The entire 24-week training cycle is made up of blocks of 4 weeks, called mesocycles. Each mesocycle is broken into weeks, and each week is called a microcycle. So 24 weeks (microcycles), Six mesocycles, one training cycle.

Within a mesocycle, training volume will build for three weeks, then drop off during the fourth week (recovery week).

For my first three weeks, my weekly training sessions stay constant. So my morning, 1 hour 15 minute ride on tuesday will stay the same for the three weeks. It's my weekend workout which get longer.

For example, I will ride 3 hours 15 minutes this weekend, and 3 hours 30 minutes, next weekend. Then, on that recovery week, I may ride for 2 hours, tops.

Build, build, build, recover.

So my goal for this three weeks is to get used to training twice a day, everyday, from M-F, then extend my weekend long rides and runs during the 3 week build.

That's how you build a training program, that's how you accomplish an Ironman.


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