With lightheartedness I tell the following story:

I had to read a bible passage to an auditorium filled with about 500 students, teacher, parents, administrators, etc. at my school the other day for a Christmas celebration. I was nervous. When I walked to the stage and approached the podium to speak, I could feel my heart racing. The first thought to enter my head was not anything related to the speech, it was Florida 70.3. That's focus!

The auditorium was silent, and my heart was racing. Here was my opportunity to practice calming myself down. So I stood, quietly and awkwardly, simply staring into the audience for probably a full minute. I was thinking, "Frey, you're going to be nervous at the start of Florida 70.3, and a racing heart rate will eat valuable energy. You need to practice staying calm." So, in front of 500+ people at this formal Christmas ceremony, I practiced staying calm.

I finally started reading, and I killed. It was a quiet, formal ceremony, so there was no applause after anyone's speeches. It was like church. However, after the Frey Bird's speech, the kid's spontaneously applauded.

Turn those negatives into positive. There are opportunities for training everywhere.

Tip of the Week: Wrap your spare tubes in a layer of plastic kitchen wrap before you put them in your seat bag. Over time, the interior of your seat bag can rub against your tube and open small holes in the tube. The plastic wrap will protect the tube.


Kathy said... @ December 22, 2007 at 12:50 PM

I have had 4 flats in the last few weeks, a world record for me. Not sure why. We use old bike socks to store the tubes. Drop the tube and few CO2 cartridges into the sock, stuff the sock into your bike bag and you are all set.

BTW, had quite the experience on the SRT this week. A very large hawk was flying right at us, wings spread wide and coming at us very low. Just as the bird gets very near it takes off up towards the sky and we can see a squirrel in its talons. Now that was a sight. Now that hawk had focus, it didn't want to drop dinner.


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