Often, when I hear triathletes talk of their lifestyle, they talk of the “sacrifice” it takes to spend time on multisport and of “suffering” during intense training. To me, I would be making a bigger sacrifice by not taking part in triathlons and I would be suffering more by not training. To me, the triathlete lifestyle fills my time with contentment, and training brings a calmness to my soul. I take part in the multisport lifestyle at this level because it is easier for me to do this than to not.

This passed off season, I looked at coaching services to help me balance my training this season. Coaches will write training programs, provide email/phone consultations, nutritional services, etc. There's internet based coaches and local coaches. I was really close to signing on with one company, who even offered me discounted rates, free gear (wetsuits, etc.). They sent me a questionnaire so that they could learn about my training habits, goals, motivation, etc. There was one question towards the end which ultimately made me decide against this company. Here is the question, and my response:

Ultimately, what price are you willing to pay? This doesn’t mean money, it means: What are you willing to give up to achieve the above (race goals)? What are you willing to change in your life to achieve it?

There is no “price” that I am paying. I would be changing my life by not being active, fit, healthy, and balanced through multisport.

In my opinion, if you're suffering and sacrificing, you should quit multisport and do something you enjoy.

If you doubt that I train for the fun of it, check out this newest addition I made to my $5,500 custom bike:

That's right, it's a bike bell. RING RING! I nailed a 55 mile, 3 hour ride this morning, and I was chiming the whole way! People were laughing and waving the whole time. That's how you enjoy multipsort.

UPDATE TO THE TIP OF THE WEEK: Instead of wrapping your tubes in kitchen plastic wrap, use an old cycling sock.
In addition to protecting the tube, it also provides something to wipe the grease off your hands after touching the chain, etc. Also, you can put the CO2 cartridges in the sock to keep them from rattling around in the bag. Thanks, Bill


Libby Maxim said... @ December 23, 2007 at 5:16 PM

now that is how to live, FL is a great state for you Frey

you are Frey to be you

keep it up


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