Check out how excited this dude is for his ride. Have you ever seen someone so excited to head out for a ride in the dark morning?

This bird here is truly free...

Update on my training for the last few days...

Friday - Before my morning ride, I checked my waking heart rate, as this tends to be elevated a few beats when I begin overtraining. I was up about 5 beats, so I decided to scrap friday's planned workouts. I had planned a decently paced morning ride, then fartlek 200's at aquacrest in the pm followed by a weight session.

Instead, I made it a recovery day...

AM: 1 hour recover ride
PM: 2000 recovery swim

That's it for Friday - We'll see if I feel pooped next Friday, too. If so, I may have to permanently make Friday's recovery days. I was happy that I identified the beginnings of this overtraining and made appropriate changes in the training.

Saturday: Woke up feeling nice and rested. Checked waking heart rate, and it was right where it should be. I was happy that it just took the one day to recover. That's a good sign.

AM: Long run. Still rehabing the achilles, so I alternated 10 mins EFX with 10 mins walk/jog. I did this for 1 hour, 30 mins. This long run builds by 10 mins each week, to an eventual 3 hour run. Achilles felt a little sore towards the end, not a good sign. But I iced and stretched afterwards, and it felt 100%. We'll see where this leads.

Took a nice afternoon nap to continue the rest...

PM: Swam 3000 at aquacrest. This is the weekly long swim, with a 1500 straight. That 1500 gets longer each week - to an eventual 4000 straight swim. I did that 1500 slow and easy and came in at 23:17. Followed this with a short, 25 min weight session in the aquacrest weight room.


Libby Maxim said... @ December 8, 2007 at 8:19 PM

now that i have a bad Achilles, i can see it is one pain

hate it, take it easy if it flairs up Frey,

do you need a good light for dark riding,


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