Big training update, so let me get right to business...

First off, I got my orthotics on Thursday, more on them later. I scheduled 4 runs, 4 bikes, 4 swims per week.

Run on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday.

Bike on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday.

Swim on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.

I nailed all workouts this week, plus I fit in two weight workouts. There are a few key sessions I'd like to point out. First, on my Monday rest day, I biked 30 miles and about two hours to get fit for my orthotics, so I counted that as my Tuesday ride. Then, I fit in a weight session on Tuesday morning instead of that ride. On Friday of last week, I felt burnt out, and converted my planned aerobic ride and fartlek swim into a recovery bike and swim. This week, I felt peppy on Friday - I put down a comfortably aerobic 1 hour 15 minute AM ride and a main set of 10X150 fartlket swim done as 2X75 build. That I was strong on this Friday was a good sign.

I put down my first long brick today, Sunday. It was perfect! I couldn't be happier with this training session. I biked a comfortable 21 miles in 1 hour 15 minutes, with a 120 bpm heart rate. Nice, steady, comfortable. Then, I transitioned right onto the treadmill at the gym... wearing the new orthotics for the first time in a training session. My run felt perfect! I felt like I could have ran a marathon right there. I am still doing all running on the treadmill since it is more forgiving than the road.

Ran an easy 30 minutes as a run/walk - without any EFX mixed in. The achilles was pain free, and there was no calf tightness at all. I don't want to get too excited yet, for this was just my first session in the orthotics, but it felt great. I was tempted to jog the whole thing, but I want to be as conservative as possible, since I am still 22 weeks out from the race.

Overall, great training on the week - nailed all sessions. Plus, I am tentatively pumped about the orthotics - they could make a big improvement.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Brush your teeth after a long workout. Since you're presumably drinking some gatorade-type drink and eating some sugar bars/gels, you have a nice layer of goo on your teeth. Plus, if you're biking in a rural setting, you may have some bugs jammed in there too. Or, if in an urban environment, you may have countless pollutants (car exhaust, etc.) coating your mouth. Do your mouth a favor and clean it out afterwards.


Libby Maxim said... @ December 16, 2007 at 4:21 PM

sounds great Frey, you are right about the teeth brushing, never thought of it but you are right


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