I haven't been able to upload pictures for a few days, because I lost the cord that connects my camera to my computer. I found it today while housecleaning. It was in the butt crack area of my lazy-boy recliner. Here are some overdue pictures:

This is at the local Publix grocery store advertisement board. Look closely. This sign was completely gone within 24 hours. I guess my fans were so anxious to take a copy of that web address that they just took it all within that first day. I'll have to get another one up soon.

Here is me getting ready to ride in the damn cold front that's hit Florida. I love the bike.

These next two pictures show my attempts to correct my running posture. The first is my attempt at correct body alignment. I am trying to get my back straight, right over my open hips. Also, I am trying to align my shoulder, hip, and ankle joints. The bottom picture shows how I normally stand. Notice the over-curved back, the big butt sticking out the back, and the closed hips. Also, notice the weight over the balls of my feet in the second picture, where the weight is back over my hips and midfoot in the first picture. Now, I just need to hold that proper form while running. Check out this link for a more thorough explanation of what I am going for:
A New Take On Posture, by Danny Dreyer. I notice that in the first picture, I seem to be poking my head forward too far, and my lower legs seem to be too forward (not vertical). I will be working on this. If you have any advice, feel free to leave me a comment.

This last picture shows actual Christmas Dinner at my parents' house. It truly was a Merry Christmas, and I always genuinely enjoy time with my family. However, I found this picture kind of funny - this was obviously my brother's plate and not mine. This is a non-photoshopped picture. That's actually a real piece of prime rib.

I have been getting antsy in my training, because everything I do is just steady endurance work. I feel like I should be doing some interval work. Then I read this:

"Your endurance target is to be able to swim 4,000 meters, bike 5 to 7 hours, and have the ability to run a marathon. Until you have the aerobic fitness for this task, "going hard" is likely a wasted opportunity for further endurance training."

Songs I recommend:

1. I'm Free, by The Who
2. Bicycle Race, by Queen

A great tip from Going Long by Joe Friel and Gordon Byrn:

After a BT (breakthrough) session, have a quick snack, shower, put on some comfortable clothes, and eat your main recovery meal. Once you have finished you meal, sit on the floor cross-legged with one or two pillows behind your back, and lean backward over the pillows. You will be doing a mild back bend and should feel your hip flexors and pelvis open. Relax into the stretch, then sit up slowly and reverse the upper and lower crossed legs ... (and repeat).
Between this recovery exercise and the next one, walk around for four to eight minutes.
Now, move your pillows against a wall, lie on your back with the pillows under your lower back, and place your legs up against the wall... Leave your legs against the wall for five minutes for each hour of your workout. When you have finished your wall time, roll gently onto your side. Stay on your side for a few minutes to ease the transition back to vertical.
...This exercise (legs on the wall), combined with some deep breathing, is an excellent way to relax prior to a nap or bedtime.

I scored a heating pad from a good friend as a Christmas present. I've been using it on my tight calf muscles, and it has been loosening them up beautifully.

Tip of the Week:

Don't worry about cutting grams of weight on your bike frame and components. Just lose 5 pounds from your body. That's much cheaper than the thousands of dollars you'd spend trying to cut a few pounds off of your bike's weight.


Libby Maxim said... @ January 3, 2008 at 3:24 PM

now this is funny Frey

ya gotta start publishing your stuff, your self deprecation is too much and those pics of you and your butt sticking out, i laughed my head off

loved everything in the blog, from the pic posted in the Piggy Wiggly I can see your drawing skills have gotten way better from grade school, tee hee tee hee!

that poster was just too much, cannot believe people took the tabs

geez, i make professional tutoring ads and no one calls

guess i should hand draw them

keep posting Frey, look forward to your posts

that routine after eating, i would need a big bulletin board with the steps, who can remember all that


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