I've signed myself up for a second 70.3 (half-ironman) distance race. It's the 2008 Whirlpool Steelhead 70.3 Triathlon on August 2, 2008 in Benton Harbor, MI. For more information on the race, see the following links:



I've received a bunch of questions from my fans about this addition to my 2008 race schedule. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ's) and their answers:

1. Why did you choose to race in Michigan?

My older brother is a graduate student at the University of Michigan. Also, my parents live relatively close, for they are in Pennsylvania. This will allow the family a chance to see the race without all of them trying to travel to Florida. Also, having the brother at UM will minimize hotel expenses, as I'll be able to stay with him.

I liked the date of the race. It's about 2.5 months after Florida 70.3. This will give me some time to recover from that race, build back into some formal training, then taper for a second peak. It will allow me to use the lessons learned from the Florida race, too.

2. Since you don't own a car and you live on a teacher's salary, how do you plan on funding your travel expenses?

I don't know.

3. You seem fairly serious about this triathlon thing, yet you don't even have aerobars. Why is that?

I don't know.

4. This is only your second season on triathlon. Do you think you'll be able to handle two 70.3 distance races in one season?

I don't know.

5. How do you plan on getting your bike to Michigan? Isn't this expensive?

I don't know.

I'm glad I've had this opportunity to answer many of the questions I've received about my addition of the 2008 Whirlpool Steelhead 70.3 Triathlon to my 2008 race schedule.

Quote of the week:
Rider University's swim team is on a training trip at my pool. In their training, they use heart rate monitors (that look like bras) while in the pool. Here is my swim coach's explanation on why his star swimmer doesn't need to complicate his training by using a heart rate monitior:

"He knows what anaerobic means. It means fucking go fast."


darcykaat said... @ January 6, 2008 at 2:11 PM

As an avid (sports) fan, I can see a natural extension of this popular blog to a 501c3. Frey the Bird, even sounds like a worthy cause. Surely the IRS would not notice it is simplay emancipating a triathlete from the binds of S FL.
New slogan, Be Frey, Frey me?

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