Five weeks past already, time is flying. I am introducing a new format to the training update posts. I am just going to relate my key sessions of the past week. First, I realize my fans are not too pumped about reading the details of each session. Second, my training program is based around 'key workouts' - two or three weekly training sessions were I purposely stretch my endurance limits. All other sessions simply build skills, maintain endurance, or promote active recovery.

I will explain this last week to give you a better idea:

The key sessions were a long ride on Saturday, a long run on Sunday, and a fartlek swim on Friday. I was thrilled with the results of all three.

The long ride was a 4 hour, 68 mile ride. I got all the way up to Jupiter Island, which looked beautiful. The achilles felt loose and strong for the entire ride following a very helpful ART session on my calf on Friday. Also, I tried to up my peri-workout nutrition to 500 cal/hour. Usually I just try for 300 cal/hour. 500 went well - there was no bloating or GI distress - and I felt strong at the ride's finish. This is the longest ride in months.

Followed that on sunday with a 7 mile run on the treadmill. I held a nice, aerobic pace and my achilles felt strong throughout. I am thrilled about this one, too. This is the day after that long ride, so I'd say the achilles is back.

Friday was a farlek swim in the long course meters pool, with 200's alternated 50 easy 50 steady. I felt strong and aerobic on the steady fifties.

I am very satisfied with the progress of the training program so far. The long endurance of this past week (the ride and run) show that my endurance base is coming together and they show that the achilles has made significant progress. Back on Weeks 1 and 3, the achilles ached after about 1 hour into the long rides - this is a big improvement to go 4 hours.

This last week was particularly productive because I was off of work for the winter holidays. Therefore, all I had to do was train and recover. It's amazing how good the workouts feel when I have nothing to do but train and recover.

Be happy; Be frey!


darcykaat said... @ January 11, 2008 at 12:43 PM

Placing your workout on your schedule does ensure your focus on the goal. That said, life has a way of changing everything. Flexibility is a critical factor in laying out a plan for training, since training is not always our top priority. Work and family often must be placed ahead of training and done with a smile (outwardly, at least). Injury can also wipe the training plan out quickly. I always remember injuries when unplanned events replace my training. You just cannot control everything, it is an imperfect world. Unless, of course Nike comes through with that national sponsorship; then training is always first!

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