A few unexpected conflicts have gotten in the way of some of my training this week. I missed a training session on Tuesday because a 10 minute after school faculty meeting ran to almost 2 hours. I am missing a full day of training on Friday because I was unexpectedly volunteered for a full day field trip.

This reminded me of some good advice I once read, though I can't remember where.

The advice was to schedule you training sessions ahead of time in your actual planner or calendar book. Not just in your head, actually write them down as you would any commitment. Then, when something comes up, you can simply say, "I have an appointment this afternoon, I can't make that meeting."

This way, when those inevitable conflicts do arise, you won't be tempted to see that big open block in your daily schedule - when you should be training - as somewhere to plug in something stupid. Like helping a friend move, house-cleaning, etc. Give your training the respect it deserves.

This passed Tuesday, I was asked, "Jeff, can you make that meeting after school?" I was a sucker, and said "Yes,". I could have said, "Wait, let me check my planner... I am sorry, I have a previous commitment."


Libby Maxim said... @ January 11, 2008 at 2:53 PM

agree with darcy

life happens, key is to roll with the punches

ya do what you can do

and let life take you with it


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