I get some rather interesting comments and reactions about my name: Frey. Here's my top eight list of some notable ones. Why a top eight list? Because, eight is all I could think of.

8. "So your parents were hippies?"

7. "Frey Maxim? That sounds like the name of a diet soda."

"Freebird!" Heard at every live concert.

5. "F-R-E-Y... how do you pronounce that? Fray?"

4. "FREY!" I hear this one from fellow cyclists just about every time I bike down the A1A.

3. I got this one from a middle-school student of mine who also swims at the pool I train at: "Mr. Maxim, tell John that's it's true that at the pool they call you, "Mr. Frey""

2. "Frey, I think only you have to do that drill set." This one was in response to a part of swim practice that was "200 drills. Free only."

1. Number one comes from a Haitian immigrant: "Frey? Like freedom? Now, I really like that name!"


darcykaat said... @ January 13, 2008 at 5:11 PM

I think you forgot 9 & 10, since it is always top ten in everything.

10. Frey? Nothing is free.

9. No, I don't swim butterfly, just Frey.

Libby Maxim said... @ January 14, 2008 at 8:43 AM

now this is funny darcy

love #9

and we know geo and me were far from hippies

hippy dippy maybe


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