Week 7 already. That was quick!

This past week had some noteable disturbances. First, I had a school fieldtrip on Friday from 6am - 8pm, so there was no training on Friday. This wasn't a rest day, however, because a full day field trip with 3rd graders is anything but restful.

I came off last weekend's big workouts feeling good, and jumped right into training without a rest on Monday. This was a mistake, for the achilles was a little achy on Tuesday. The achy-ness cleared up by Wednesday. Good lesson learned.

Here's an update on the week's key workouts:

Long Ride - This was on Saturday. The ride was 4 hours again, and it pushed 71 miles this time. I felt great, and the ride seemed much easier than last weekend. I had a tough head-wind from the end of the first hour all the way to the end of the third hour, too. The achilles felt achy again afterwards, which I am not happy about. I think this was more because of the Friday field trip than the ride. The achiness cleared up fine, however.

Long Run - This was on Sunday - the day after the ride. I would have cut this if the achilles was in anyway questionable, but it felt 100%. I did 8 miles nice and aerobic on the treadmill. Everything felt good during and after.

Key Swim - This was on Saturday, also. I time trialed a 1500m long course swim. Came in at 23:34. This time is pretty slow, and I was hoping it would have been faster. I may have miscounted and done a 1600m by mistake, but I can't be sure. I have a benchmark, however, and I will re-test this in week 10.

Tip of the Week:

If you run out of shower soap, it's ok to use a bike cleaner, such as Pedro's BioCleaner to clean yourself. Not only will this clean and degrease your body, and not only will this leave your skin with a shiny polish, but repeated usage builds a protective surface that makes future cleaning easier.


Libby Maxim said... @ January 15, 2008 at 6:09 PM

the apple does not fall from the tree, frey, i used baking soda and bar soap for toothpaste while growing up, we were often out of toothpaste

i am sure if Bike Soap was around, we woulda grabbed it too


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