Today is a huge training session. I am taking the long run outdoors. I think the achilles is ready for it. I have only been running on the treadmill so far, because the treadmill is a more forgiving surface than pavement. However, the 13.1 mile run of a half-ironman race is not run on a treadmill, so I need to get my body used to pounding that pavement.

Plus, it's just more fun to run outside. And, with this beautiful weather we're having in Delray Beach, who wouldn't want to be outside?

So, I am pumped, excited, nervous. I can't wait for this training session. I got the fuel belt ready. I am going to do the run today after work. I will post back tomorrow to let you all know how it goes. It's been a long time (rehabing the achilles) since I've gotten in a nice, long, outdoor run, so I am anxious to get back.


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