I am really feeling aerobically fit this week. During the bikes, runs, and swims, I feel like I have this massive, full tank of air in my lungs, as if it's impossible for me to get winded. This is especially satisfying during the runs, for I have never experienced this sensation while running.

I made this a preemptive recovery week. Usually, it's 3 weeks hard, then 1 week to recover. I felt burnt out after week 10, which was only the second hard week, so I made week 11 an easy week. This worked out well, I feel fully recovered now. Also, there was some stormy weather this past week that caused me to miss some training, so the recovery week worked out well.

I am considering changing my training program significantly. I am looking for feedback from my fans on this one, so please post your opinion in the comments section. I had planned on doing atleast 8 weeks of speed work after my aerobic buildup. 8 weeks of speedwork, then a 3 week taper, then the race was the plan for the last 11 weeks of the program. However, I feel that my body is still adapting to the aerobic training. Every week I feel progressively more aerobically fit. Also, I have only been running outdoors for 2 weeks, so I doubt my body will be ready for high intensity running soon.

The change would be to race Florida 70.3 with only base training. No speedwork whatsoever. Basically, 21 solid weeks of aerobic training, building as much volume as is possible, then a 3 week taper. After Florida, if I am feeling healthy, I will introduce some speed work 11 weeks out from the Steelhead 70.3 race in August.

So, fans: what do you think? Should I suck it up and do some speedwork before Florida? Should I keep the aerobic training going right up to Florida? Please post your opinions.

Key Bike: 3 hours, 60 miles. Felt easy as cake. I was flying. I rocked my new Saunier Duval team kit and looked f-ing awesome.
That's Saunier Duval's professional racing team there. No achilles problems. Tough story here, though. I dropped my last flask full of honey with about 1.5 hours to go, and it exploded when it hit the ground. I had no food, and I had no money, just water. I managed to make it home without bonking. This is after I advised my fans last week to always carry more food than they need. STUPID FREY!

Key Run: 6.5 miles, 60 minutes. Again, felt easy and aerobic. I ran this in the AM before work on Wendesday. It was a fun morning to run, because there were HUGE thunderstorms overnight. You could still see the clouds flashing over the ocean in the dark in the morning, the roads were soaked, it was still raining a little bit, and there was that refreshing o-zone smell in the air.

Key Swim: Never happened. Sunday I felt fried after bonking on my long ride, so I cut this swim. Honestly, I am just trying to maintain my swim fitness in this buildup. I am focusing my energy on building the bike and run, so I am never hesitant to cut a swim if I feel pooped.

Tip of the Week:
Make your easy days easy and your hard days hard. Most athletes push too hard on recovery days, and put out half-assed efforts in key work-outs. As a result, most of their training is in a shitty medium-hard zone. Hit 2-4 key workouts in a week, and let all other training focus on skills, strength, aerobic maintenance, or recovery. You always want to hit those key training sessions with a full tank of gas and then give all you have.

*editor's note: When Frey says "hard", he doesn't mean both fast and long. If you're doing an overdistance workout, the "hard" is in completing the distance. If you're doing speedwork, the "hard" is in pushing the speed. Usually, the only time you go both hard and long is in a race.


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