I have a few updates:

1) The Brick
I dominated. I threw down a negative-split 4 mile run at the end of a 1hr30min ride. The split on my last mile was 8:30 and the heart rate was a comfortable 140.

2) Due to the overwhelming response to my request for coaching advice, I will be continuing the aerobic buildup phase of my training right up to Florida 70.3. As you recall, I was unsure whether I should jump into the speedwork phase of the training program, or if I should continue building aerobic base. I am taking the suggestion of all of you who responded, and I am continuing the aerobic buildup. I feel that my body would be best served by building the long volume of my key runs, bikes, bricks, swims. Plus, it's February, so I have plenty of time for speedwork before Steelhead 70.3.

I am throwing some higher intensity swimming into the mix - firm 100's and some butterfly - just to keep things fresh.

3) Another long run today. Outdoors. I am going for 11 miles this time. The achilles is feeling awesome; it's even feeling springy and powerful. I am confident this run will go well.


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