Since my run is going healthily, I am reintroducing the Brick this week. For those casual triathlon fans among you, a brick is a bike ride followed directly by a run. The transition between biking and running is done as quickly as possible, so as to simulate a race situation. It's tough to run on legs that are tired from running, and the brick - supposedly - teaches your muscles to transition from the bike firing pattern to the run firing pattern. It also teaches the mind to run tired.

There are long bricks where an athlete does a long ride followed by a long run. There are tempo bricks where both the run and the bike are in at a very firm pace. There are transition bricks where the run is only a few miles. Basically, one can mix up the running and biking however she chooses.

My weekly brick will be a modest aerobic maintainace brick. This week, I am trying for a 1hr 30min ride followed by a 30min run. I am going to do it this afternoon, and I will post tomorrow to let you all know if it goes injury free.


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