Yesterday was supposed to be an easy day for me. Yesterday, Thursday, was the day after my Wednesday afternoon long run. The afternoon long run, I've found, is the most stressful training session of the whole program. Thursday is a necessary easy day that promotes absorption of the long run stressor.

However, I have a 'science fair' going on at my school that keeps my walking and talking and parent-hand-shaking and kid-back-patting pretty solid from 7:30am until 4:30pm. That's not exactly the most ideal way to facilitate recovery.

I took the afternoon off yesterday and just ate and slept. That promotes recovery! But nonetheless, I still woke up this morning feeling pooooooped. I woke up around 4:30am to go to my usually AM swim. I got up, snacked, packed my bag, then decided I was too pooped to go swim. I layed back down and fell into a deep, restful sleep.

I awoke at 6:45am to my alarm, and I felt very rested! It's amazing how sleep really gets my training juices flowing. Commuting to school, I wished I could have skipped work. I felt like I could bike 100+ miles. I have a key brick this afternoon, and I plan on having a great session. This weekend, I have a nice century planned, so I anticipate a great ride.

I have always thought that the only thing that seperates me from where I am now and a life as a professional triathlete is a 1 hour nap every afternoon. Give me that nap, and I'll go pro.

The recovery and extra sleep feels great! I look forward to some great training this weekend!


Libby Maxim said... @ April 18, 2008 at 8:17 AM

cool frey, yes a good sleep can and does make a huge difference, i now go to bed at 8 and i am asleep by 9, so following your schedule


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