I did it! I did it! I did it!

I completed my beautiful, six month long training block with a powerful performance at Florida Ironman 70.3. On May 18, 2008, I raced 1.2 miles of swimming, 56 miles of cycling, and 13.1 miles of running.

My time was a 5:50, which was good enough for 738th overall out of a field of 2000. I was 32nd in my age group, with about 80 fellow 18-24 year old males. I had a swim split of 31:55 (1:40/100m), a bike split of 2:48.57 (19.89mph) and a run split of 2:19.07 (10:37/mile).

The weather was amazingly hot and humid. During the bike leg, the weather humidity erupted into a 20 minute downpour. I was happy about this because 1) this cooled me down and 2) I am so used to biking in the S. Florida monsoons, I considered myself at an advantage. On the run leg, the sun came out full blast. We half-marathoners were exposed for most of the run, with only about 3 miles of shade. Having a rest-stop every mile with cool sponges, drinks, and gels literally kept me alive!

Here are two pictures: one was taken before the race, and the second shortly after...

Notice in the pre-race picture, I look happy, a little anxious, well-rested, and tapered

Now look at the difference! After crossing the finish line, I was a little worried I would collapse, Julie Moss style!

And, yes, I did race in a pink speedo.

It was an incredible day. I am happy with the training block, the race. My mom and brother both came to the race, and it meant a lot to be able to share this experience with them.

The swim was easy, I cruised it so slowly I barely felt warmed up on the exit from the water. I pushed the bike at a pace I would call 'firm'. If this were the only leg of the race, I could have gone much faster. I left enough power in the legs for a comfortable run. On the run, my legs went numb about mile 4.... Well, not so much numb as a weird combination of very sore, tired, and numb.

It was one of the funnest, most meaningful days of my life. To push one's body to the extremes of it's abilities is a mental and spiritual awakening as much as it is a physical challenge.

It was fun for me to be amongst a culture of fit, ambitious, fun-loving triathletes. Although I have already professed my affection for weirdness, I am still tempted to think I am somehow mentally dysfunction when I find myself swimming at 5am, or biking 116miles. It's reassuring to find thousands of people just like me jumping into a lake at 6:30am to race 70.3 miles through Disney Land. Also, the fitness level of every competitor was incredible! Thinking of all the lean, fast bodies of competitors of all ages makes very proud to have beaten 1,300 of them.

I can't believe it's over. I miss the training already, but I am happy to be looking at a new block of training. Stay tuned to my blog, for I will be authoring an upcoming post detailing my future training plans. Don't forget, I have Steelhead 70.3 scheduled for August 2, 2008!


Frey Maxim said... @ May 23, 2008 at 8:25 AM

great post Frey, yes it was an incredible day, i was glad to be part of it, still have no idea how you did it, i got tired just standing there watching everyone


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