I ran a 22:02 at the 2008 AVDA 5K Run/Walk in Delray Beach, FL's Anchor Park. This was a PR for me, and I am very happy with the run!

Some highlights include:

1) I got to run with my friend (and active freybird.blogspot.com reader) Darcy for the first time ever. Despite a fairly severe hamstring injury, and some recurring calf soreness, Darcy put down a fantastic time. She won her age group by about half an hour (joking, but only a little...)

2) The run was literally right down the street from my house. I biked to the starting line. The run was right along the A1A, and the road was closed just for us! It was a fun, wind free morning. I didn't take any pictures, but I believe the event pictures should be online in a few days.

3) I've run three 5K's in my career. My first was a 24:00, my second about 22:30, and this one came in at 22 flat. I took second in my age group here, and I took 28th overall! You can see the results here:


Assuming I keep progressing at this rate, I should be winning local 5K's next season, and I should be in the Olympics by 2012.

4) As always, it's refreshing and empowering to participate in events like this. As I've written on this blog before, having experience the health complications that I have, I am thankful to be a part of the endurance community. I saw an overweight guy barely get himself across the finish line. His whole family was there, and his kids gave him a hug like he'd just won the super bowl. His fit looking friend ran the whole 5K with the overweight guy, and they were high fiving eachother at the finish. That's what it's all about.

Tip of the Week:

Stay away from negative people. Read what t-nation editor Chris Shugart has to say about this here:

The People Around You


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