In 2007, I cycled 5,868 miles. So far, in 2008, I am up to 5,990. That means I've passed my 2007 record!

I am very proud of myself, to say the least. I had three cycling goals on the season:

1) Reach 5,000 (Accomplished August, 2008)
2) Cycle more than I did in 2007, which was 5,868 miles (accomplished October, 2008)
3) Cycle 7,500 miles

Will I accomplished #3?

I have 8 weeks left on the season. I need to do approximately 1,500 miles. I would have to do roughly 187 miles per week. A challenge, to say the least.

Tip of the Week:

Drink 32oz. of water as soon as possible after waking. That toilet full of yellow pee means you're pretty dehydrated when you awake, so refill before you go in on breakfast.


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