Functional training has become one of the most adulterated terms in the vocabulary of trainers and athletes. 99% of the functional training you see athletes doing is neither functional nor training.

If you disagree, answer this question for me: How is training on a bosu ball functional?

Consider that functional training is meant to help you function better. When (outside of a stupid training session) have you functioned on top of a bosu ball?

One of my favorite bloggers, Tony Gentilcore, wrote an awesome article about this today:

I’m Going to a Commercial Gym Today. EPIC Nervous Breakdown to Follow



Libby Maxim said... @ January 29, 2009 at 9:52 AM

this is kinda like when teachers have kids make igloos out of sugar cubes

all the kids learn is how to glue sugar cubes together

no relationship to actual home buidling


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