2009 is two weeks old, and I have finally finished logging my bike mileage from 2008. And the grand mileage total is..... (drum roll)....

6771.08 miles!

Thank you, thank you. Here is a quick recap of some of my biking highlights from the year:

1) The 116 mile after work ride

This was and is the longest ride of my life. I put it down on a Friday, after work, just because I felt like it.

2) 2008 Ironman Florida 70.3 Bike Leg

This actually consists of two rides. The first was the 56 mile bike leg of the half-ironman. This was my first ever half-ironman, and I put down my most serious block of training ever for this race.

The second part of this ride was the Monday after the race. The race was on Sunday, and my family and I drove from Orlando back to Delray so that I could ge myself into work on Monday. My family, who had rented a car for the weekend, told me that they were too tired from having watched me race the 70.3 miles. They wanted to sleep in, so they made me, the guy who had actually raced a half-ironman just 24 hours earlier, bike commute to work. So, the second part of this ride was the 3 mile bike commuyte the next morning. Just to summarize: yes, I bike commuted to work the day after my first half-ironman, because my family was too tired from having watched me race. Thanks guys.

3) Libby (my mom) biked 100 miles at the 2008 Seagull Century

I couldn't be more proud of my mom for this one. She's 117 years old, and she biked 100 miles. That's awesome!

my mom biking 100 miles with some of her friends. she's in the middle, #2354.

It was a great year of biking. These are just a couple of the highlights, but I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed every single ride. That is the one and only reason I bike: I love it.

I look forward to the fun rides of 2009. I am already off to a dominant start. Despite the DVT, I am already at 340 miles for the year. This is over 20 miles per day, which puts me on pace for a 10,000 mile year. While I don't plan on hitting 10,000, I hope to get to 7,500, as this was my goal for 2008.
Go me!


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