I swam the Delray Beach Ocean Mile Swim on Sunday, January 4, 2009. It was a fun swim, although I got dominated by just about every swimmer there. There were over 250 swimmers there, and most of them were from college teams that were in the Delray area on winter training trips. I came in 179th, and I think the only people I beat were the local senior citizens, and possibly some of the 100lb. freshman girls who got dominated by the ocean waves. Impressively, my friend, Darcy, beat a lot of the college swimmers, and she came in 79th.

I met a woman there who said she had seen me participating in the 2008 Lake Worth Tropical Triathlon. She took some pictures of me at the race, and she kindly emailed me copies of those pictures. Here they are:

Notice that awesome pink Speedo that I wore for the swim, bike, and run. I wanted to bike and run shirtless (who wouldn't want to go shirtless when you look as good as me). But, I forgot my race belt, so I needed to wear the jersey so that I could attach the number to myself.


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