Redivivus. I just wanted to show off that I knew what the word meant. It was the dictionary.com word of the day.

Thousands of my fans have been writing emails similar to this one:

Frey, where ya been? I know you've been through a lot, so I love you and I am concerned for your well being. Again, I love you, your blog means the world to me, and I'd love to see some more posts. So, where have you been?

In response to these fans, shut the fuck up. I'm still here; just haven't posted recently.

Here's a summary of what's been on my mind:

1. ZMotion Jerk - I hate ZMotion. Don't let the website's philanthropic front fool ya, ZMotion is all about riding a bike that's too fancy while looking like a jerk in your ZMotion team kit. I was with a ZMotion guy the other day when we saw a female cyclist stranded on the side of the A1A with a flat. We stopped, the woman said she had no spare tubes, and the ZMotion guy looked to me for a spare tube. I figured he didn't have one. He grabbed mine (without asking) and went to work fixing the flat. While fixing it, he told me and the woman that he had a tube, but he stopped giving his spares to random, stranded cyclists. He said it costs him too much money to give out tubes on the fly, and he said people who didn't know how to fix their tire didn't know what they were doing. Too much money to give a stranded cyclist a tube? He was riding $2100 Zipp 404's.

2. Nas vs. Jay Z - A while back, there was a battle between these two big name rappers. I don't know about you, but I think Nas dominated.

3. Two exercises you've never heard of - The first is the Overhead keg slideboard reverse lunge with a twist. Here's the video:

If you don't have a slideboard or a keg, you can make some easy substitutions. A Valslide works instead a slideboard. Second, you can use a barbell with a wide, snatch-width grip instead of the keg.

The second is the lying knee-to-knee stretch:

The Overhead lunge is a solid exercise that almost any cyclist or triathlete can use to improve single leg strength, and to improve shoulder/hip coordination, among other things. The stretch is more of a specialized exercise that should only be prescribed to athletes who would like to stretch their hip external rotators.

Both exercises are courtesy of the precocious geniuses at Cressey Performance in MA.

What's that you say? The meatheads at Cressey Performance don't how to train an endurance athlete such as you? Check out this video of Cressey trained triathlete Dede Griesbauer winning Ironman Brazil and setting the course record:

4. For office desk jockeys -
A cool video to encourage you to get out of work and go train! http://www.lowmorale.co.uk/creep/flash/lm_creep_(FLASH).swf

Quote of the Week:

I'm from the ghetto homie
I was raised on read and bologna.

-B.G., Move Around


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