I showed up at my gym this morning, two days after dropping the bomb at the Key Bisacyne Triathlon, and did a 365lb. deadlift. I lift barefoot, and I tend to let out some grunts and screams.

I was really proud of myself. People looked at me, 6'7", holding 365lbs, barefoot, grunting, and gave me a look that said that they were halfway amazed and halfway scared and halfway thought I was crazy.

That's the biggest deadlift I've done in months.

I find that when people in a commercial gym look at you like you're crazy, you're probably on the right track. You generally want to do the opposite of what you see the pink dumbbell crowd doing.

Although I do make fun of the crapiness of training at my gym, I do appreciate that they let me lift barefoot. Here is a good article about the benefits of barefoot lifting.

Having people look at me like I was crazy while doing this deadlift made me wonder: 365lbs is a warmup for most strength athletes, and I bet there were Olympic female lifters who could clean 365... What would happen if Matt Kroczaleski, an actual strength athlete, showed up and did this...


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