On Sunday, I took my awesome self down to Miami for this race. What follows is my race report, titled, The Good, Bad, and Ugly from the Key Biscayne Triathlon on June 21, 2009...

The Good!

1. I won the swim for the 25-29 age group! Go me! I took 9th in the age group, and 80th overall, out of more than 1000 people. Here are the results to prove it.

2. The girls at this race were so hot it was unbelievable. When I first signed up for the race on Friday, I felt a little bad having to spend $80 for an entry. However, any situation I get in where I see hot girls, I end up having to pay (dates, bars, nudie magazines, etc.) These girls were hotter and cleaner than most, so it seems this was money well spent.

3. Coming out of the swim in first, you would think I would get passed on the bike. But, for the whole ten miles of biking, I didn't get passed once. I was just owning people. This was a great feeling, because I hate seeing triathletes who suck at biking, yet wear aero helmets, ride disc wheels, etc. I wore the pink speedo and rode the big blue cannondale, turtle bike horn included.

4. I met a 10 year old kid who did the whole race. That's fucking awesome.

5. Key Biscayne was BEAUTIFUL.

The Bad.

1. I am not making this up. I saw a guy riding a $1800 Zipp 900 Tubular Disc Rear Shimano Wheel. That's $1800 just for the rear wheel. No problem, right? The guy was also using toe clips and running shoes.

2. My bike time got messed up, and my T1 time was included in the bike. I would like to have seen what my bike split was.

The ugly...

Miguel Tellez, leading the race on the bike leg, was hit by a car while going 35mph down the Rickenbacker Causeway. Here's the Sun-Sentinel story. I started a few waves back from Tellez, so by the time I got there, there was just an ambulance and a pool of blood on the road. This is scary stuff. Cars, police officers, and spectators never realize just how fast a cyclist is approaching.

That's it for my report. You can see that there was WAY more good at the race than anything else, and I really enjoyed the whole thing. As always, it's a great blessing for me to participate in a race and socialize with like minded athletes.

Quote of the Week:
The following is a conversation between me and the 10-year-old kid I met at the race...

"How old are you?"
"I'm ten!"
"That's fucking awesome... Oh, sorry, I shouldn't have said that."
"It's ok"


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