I remember during my Sophomore year of college, while I was playing NCAA basketball, I took a nasty case of Achilles tendinitis. I lost half the season, and I had to wear one of those walking cast, boot-type things for about two months. The entire time, I was frustrated that I couldn't run or jump like I could when I was healthy. I imagine that you, too, have spent some time injured in one way or another, with a painful condition that prohibits you from training in the manner you like most.

Recently, I have discovered an incredible new training tool that is amazingly useful and effective for injured athletes looking to train for sports such as football, triathlon, etc. while injured or rehabbing. What's more, not only is this tool useful or rehab, it's a great tool for a healthy athlete to use in his or her regular training program.

It's the Hydroworx water treadmill, seen here: Water Treadmill

Hydroworx is useful in two important ways: it's an aquatic rehab tool, and it's an aquatic conditioning tool. It can be used by any person or athlete who is coming back from an injury, and it can be used by a healthy athlete as a nearly weightless environment for exercise and conditioning.

On the rehab front, I found a great video of triathlete Dave Cummings. Dave suffered several broken bones and lost over 65% of his blood when he was hit by a car while cycling. Searching for a way to train aerobically while recovering from the terrible injury, Dave turned to Hydroworx to train, recover, and have some fun! Check out the video here:

Triathlete on a Hydroworx water treadmill

For healthy athletes, the Hydroworx pools are used by recreationalists, amateur athletes, and elite athletes to supplement their land-based training. I know heavier athletes, such as NFL football players, have trouble maintaining their integrity and health of their joints while pounding out heavy sprints or distance runs. I found another cool video of NFL player Matt Spaeth, who is using the Hydroworx treadmill for some active recovery after a strenuous workout:

NFL Player on a water treadmill

For triathletes, runners, cyclists, and swimmers like you and me, the hydroworx treadmill looks like a killer tool for aquatic rehab, aquatic conditioning, and water exercising. But, the hydroworx treadmill can be used be a range of active people, from golfers, to NASA astronauts, and from baseball players to Biggest Loser contestants (for more info on how NASA and Biggest Loser are using hydroworx, click here).

I wish I knew about Hydroworx back when I was in my walking cast! Trust that in the future, when I inevitably face another injury, I will be enjoying myself on a Hydroworx, instead of sitting on the couch with a cast!

Check out the full line of Hydroworx Water treadmills here: water treadmill.


darcykaat said... @ October 30, 2009 at 12:25 PM

Does anyone in S FL have one of these for public use?

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