I have preached this argument for a long time. Lance has never doped. Ever.

I won't spend a lot of time explaining why those people who argue that Lance HAS doped are money grabbers, jealous, or just plain stupid ... (or, in the case of Floyd Landis, all three).

You gotta believe Lance over this mud-slinger.

I am going to focus, instead, on some simple evidence that has come out lately. It shows, without a doubt, that Lance is just a freak athlete.

On April 3, 2011, Lance swam in Austin's Red Licorice Open Water, 2.4 mile swim, and came away with with a 49-minute time, good enough for third place overall. Complete Results Here.

That would be a screamingly fast time for a a dedicated, one-sport athlete swimmer, someone who's been doing swim-specific training for years. However, Lance is a dude who has spent all of his training time riding bikes for over a decade. As any non-swimming cyclist can tell you, being a fit cyclist does little to prepare you for swimming. Lance just jumped in and rocked a 49-minute, 2.4 mile swim at a charity event.

And, clearly, Lance didn't dope for a 38-person, charity swim event in Austin. This is his natural level of fitness, and it's just off-the-charts.

In my opinion, this is the best way Lance can defend his argument that he never doped ever. Just keep going out and showing how freakish he is at every endurance sport. I can't wait till he does an Ironman.


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