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You may know that I've had a lot of trouble with my feet and legs the last few years, particularly with finding a comfortable pair of shoes. Cycling and running shoes always seem to bother me in some way. Wearing one pair of shoes will make my knee or achilles tendon or calf start to bother me in some way, and changing out of the shoes will cure the problem instantly. I've even gone as far as to start wearing the Vibram Fivefingers just about fulltime... to work, school, running, and lifting.

Here's me running Brian's Run in West Chester, PA with the Vibrams on. I'm the guy in the middle, in case you couldn't pick me out of the crowd.

Barefoot or the vibrams pretty much cured all my woes. But, as any fivefinger wearer knows, you're still left with the problems that the vibrams are butt ugly, everybody states at them, asks you a million questions about them, and they stink like liquid poop after a few wearings.

So, I've tried buying some shoes recently. I think I've found my problem with shoes...

I think I've been wearing them MUCH too small!

I've been wearing size 14 running shoes (medium width), and I've been wearing size 14's for probably about 10 years now.

My toes are crammed right up against the end of the 14's. I thought this was how shoes were supposed to fit. Anything bigger and I felt like I was slipping all around on the inside.

On the advice of some family and after reading some various internet advice, I've tried sizing up. I am now wearing some size 15 basketball shoes and some 15 4e running shoes. Haven't had any leg pains yet!

I've got about a thumb's width between the end of my foot and the front of the shoe.

What do you all think? How do your running or cycling shoes fit?

By the way, here's another video of me dunking...

Looks like the size 15 basketball shoes (that I'm wearing in this video) are doing pretty well for me!


Rachel said... @ December 26, 2011 at 1:44 AM

Way to make a statement!

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