Hey bird fans,

I'm back. You know you missed me, and I've missed the blog. So let's get back together, try this relationship out again. We had some good times together. Remember Aquacrest, the best pool in South Florida? And, remember when I raced the Florida Ironman 70.3 back in 2009? Those are some fond memories for me, and I know you had a good time reading about those things. Or, maybe you just liked looking at me in my speedo?

LinkYou were just using me for my looks?

Or maybe it was reading about my health struggles that brought you to me? That post did get tons of hits, and still brings in occasional comments.

Regardless of why you first liked me, let's get back together. I'm posting again, so you better start reading again.

What are you up to now, Frey?

I'm living in New York City, teaching fourth grade, and I'm training again. It's been a tough stretch: DVT's, infections, and other stuff that I don't even mention. People have written to me and asked me how long it takes to come back to triathlon after some of this stuff. Realistically, I have no idea. I got my first DVT in 2009, and I think that I'm only now healthy (mentally and physically) to get back into triathlon.

I've gotten myself a SICK fleet of new bikes. A custom steel Gunnar fixie, a custom Zinn hardtail Ti mountain bike, and a custom Zinn ti road bike. I'll be posting more about those in some upcoming articles, so stay tuned!

I've found an incredible pool in Manhattan, at Asphalt Green. If you're a Manhattanite looking for a place to swim, this is it, and it'll also be the subject of upcoming articles.

I've biked my face off for the last few years, and I've done a medium amount of swimming. I've thrown in some occasional stretches of running (and you know this has always been my weakness!) One of my biggest challenges is that I'll occasionally get debilitating cramps in my calves while running, and these most likely are caused by vein damage I have in my legs. Will I be able to put in a solid block of run training as I prepare for the 2012 tri season?

Plans for 2012

I'm trying to train and race again. Even though I'm living in NYC these days, I'd like to try to get myself to the 2012 FAU Wellness Triathlon. I did this race in 2008 and in 2009. I'd like to go back in 2012, as this was a favorite local race of mine in S. Florida, and it took place right down the street from my former Delray Beach, FL home.

I will also be posting pics of hot triathlete women, as I know this is what you were really coming to my site for.

Mirina Carfrae, looking good on the bike.

It's good to be back.


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