I started training on January 10 for a race that takes place June 24. I'm planning on training hard for the April 17 FAU Wellness triathlon in Boca Raton, FL. Then, if my body holds up from the training and practice race, I'll get ready for the Ironman 70.3 race in Syracuse. Here's what the first week's training looked like...

1800m swim in the long course pool at Asphalt Green. Main set was 6X100m. This was my first time in the pool in a while, so I felt rusty.
PM: 1 hour bike ride in central park. Rode the fixie and pushed it on the uphills.

30 min. run with 6x30s fartlek bursts. This was my first run since maybe September or October, and my first outdoor run since, maybe, June 2011. Felt ok!

Brick in and around central park. 45min ride followed by 15min run. I came away from the run without any pain, so I consider that a success!

1800 yard pool. The 25 yard pool felt short after swimming long course on Tuesday. Main set was 6x100yards again, but it was done as 25 hard/25 easy.
PM: 1 hour bike. Done around central park. Rode the fixie and it felt eeaassyy.

1 hour 45 min ride. Fixie around central park again... it was cold!
PM: 30 min run. Did this at night around central park. Felt ok again!

AM: 55 min run around central park. Isn't it cool that central park is my gym?
PM: 1800yard swim. Main set was a 1200yard straight swim... it was hard to keep my head looking at the bottom of the pool for the whole session, so I threw some backstroke in for a change of view.

Overall it was a good week! Nothing was long or hard, but it was nice to reestablish some structure in the training. The two-a-days were tough, but I powered through!

Tip of the Week:
When it gets cold and windy in the winter, put some duct tape on your bike helmet's vents. While there are expensive wind-proof covers you can purchase for your helmet, the duct tape gets the job down while also adding some stylish color.


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