I have discovered an unbelievable new training tool that will help you increase your endurance, avoid overtraining, and it tastes great! It's cheap and it's easy to carry, too.

The Tootsie Pop!

In case you didn't know what a Tootsie Pop looked like...

While you're undoubtedly familiar with the Tootsie Pop, let me explain how it can benefit your triathlon performance. Specifically, it'll help your cycling.

First, the Tootsie Pop helps you avoid overtraining by forcing you to keep you pace aerobic.

Try riding and sucking on a Tootsie Pop at the same time. It's physically impossible to eat the Tootsie Pop if you're panting. You have to keep the pace aerobic if you want to simultaneously cycle and enjoy the delicious treat.

When riding, it's tempting to push your tempo too high. While occasional, well planned burst of high intensity training are powerful supplements to a well balanced training program, all cyclists need many miles and hours of steady base training. Keeping the pace aerobic and fun is what I believe makes the best cyclists.

Throwing in too many anaerobic efforts on what should be aerobic rides is the downfall of many amatuer cyclists. This is especially true of the type A, time strapped triathlete, who believes that he'll make up for a lack of training hours by doing every ride at a redline intensity. Throw a Tootsie Pop in your mouth, and you avoid that temptation to ride too hard.

On top of all that, it'll provide you with some quick energy in the form of simple sugars to help fuel your long ride.

It builds your endurance, helps you avoid overtraining. Throw a few in your jersey pocket before your next ride. When you feel yourself gasping for air, tempted to ride to hard, back off the throttle and suck on a Tootsie Pop. It'll taste delicious, and it'll help you keep that ride aerobic.

Quote of the Week:

"The secret is to train, train, and train again."

-Phil Liggett on the success of Team Astana in the stage 4's team time trial.


Rachel said... @ July 10, 2009 at 4:45 PM

Have you tried Red Vines? Amazing!

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