I raced the Independence Day Triathlon at Tradewinds park today, July 4. Just like the last race I did, I won the 25-29 swim! I took 3rd in the 25-29 bike leg, and I slogged my way through the run to a 5th place in the age group.

It was a fun day - but I have never not had a fun day at a race.

Here are the results:


Tradewinds Park was a nice venue, with a closed bike course and a lake swim. The park is in Coconut Creek, FL, about 25 miles away from my new apartment in Boynton Beach, FL, and I bike commuted myself to and from the race. That's right, I bike commuted over 50 miles in addition to kicking ass at the race.

Pictures from the Tradewinds race will be up in a few days, but they will look similar to this one:

me at the Key Biscayne triathlon

This is a picture from me at the Key Biscayne triathlon on June 21. I really like this picture, as it shows the anger in the guys' faces behind me, realizing that they just lost the swim to the big dude in the pink speedo.

I had a great time on the bike course, and I again raced the big blue cannondale commuter bike, with the turtle bike bell. Here's a picture of me from the Key Biscayne race on the cannondale. I love passing the douche bags on the carbon Cervelo's and Zipp wheels, it's my favorite part of the whole sport of triathlon.

And, while I am on the subject, you have to be border line retarded to race a Zipp disc wheel on a circuit style, two loop bike course. Here's a picture of the Tradewinds course:

I want you to notice how many sharp turns are on the course. Each lap is only 5 miles, so there's a good deal of turning. Disc wheels are made for straight away, aerodynamic type time trials. They're not made for accelerating in and out of sharp turns. Basically, if you're sitting on your aerobars and disc wheel and going 15mph through a turn, you need to take up golf.


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